George SimsThe sad fact is that most of us do not have a Success oriented mindset and either don’t realize it or are unwilling to change it.  Napoleon Hill said,

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!” 

Emerson stated it a little different by saying, “There is nothing capricious in nature and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feels it.”

Success is probably one of the most misunderstood elements of our society today.  It seems that for some, it is hard to come by, difficult to control.  For others, it is abundant and plentiful, and brings with it elements of pleasure, joy, and both spiritual and material satisfaction.

Initially, it is important to remember and understand that happiness, satisfaction and success are all feelings and a state of mind.  They are internal.  All of the physical objects in the world and all of the relationships in the world will not resolve an inner feeling of sadness, discontent or failure.

The question is:  “If we don’t have it, how do we get it?”  I believe that it’s a three step process.  Although it’s a simple process, it is not necessarily an easy process.

Realize the Importance of Belief and Faith in the process

Remember, “Whatever we can conceive and Believe, we can achieve.”  Most of us dream a lot, so the concept of conceiving is not the problem.  Believing is the problem. We are conceiving and dreaming with our conscious minds, while our subconscious minds are going about their merry ways controlling our lives based upon the beliefs and patterns already deeply engrained.  We must refine our dreams into specific goals and then learn how to believe those goals so that we can achieve them.

The Process of Internalizing Belief and Faith

If we think that we rely upon our conscious mind each day to propel us to change and great heights, then we are mistaken!   The only way to change our lives and rise above the crowd is to internalize our new goals and dreams of Success.  That is to put them into our subconscious mind by replacing the old habits and then letting our subconscious take over and help rather than hurt the process. We will then be inspired to do and say the right things on a daily basis without having to always be consciously struggling.  Again, this is a simple process but not an easy task, because those old habits and beliefs (who you are today) will not be replaced in your subconscious without a fight.

Utilizing the processes of Auto-Suggestion and Self-Hypnosis are the two easiest way to accomplish this.  Although a little different in application, both of the processes rely upon the concept that one can replace the habit and beliefs in our subconscious mind by repeating and feeding new ideas, habit, and beliefs via our conscious mind on a daily and consistent basis.

Understanding the Difficulties

If we are an aspiring person, our normal process is to struggle daily with the efforts required to produce Success.  If we adopt either or both of the processes of Auto-Suggestion or Self-Hypnosis, then our primary daily efforts change to the responsibility of implementing those processes, knowing that eventually our subconscious will take over and help us achieve those things we previously only dreamed about.

It’s a simple process really, but remember, the application is not necessarily easy.  WE MUST UNDERSTAND that the majority of people who start this process will quit within three months and never finish, because the old habits and beliefs in the subconscious will fight back and not go easily.

Therefore, it is important that we understand the emotions which we will encounter in this process and be willing to consciously reject those by continuing the daily input of our new goals and dreams until the old is gone.  The critical times for most people in this process is at the three week, three month and one year intervals.  So, if we can get over those “humps” we are now well on our way of achieving and living our new goals and dreams of Success.

We believe strongly that there is a Formula for Success and can be expressed as a function of both our Indivdual Development and the Vehicle we choose!

Therefore, we challenge you to “Claim Your Unlimited Potential” as an Individual and also find that Perfect Vehicle!

Wishing you the best of Health, Happiness and Success always,

George Sims