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"C.U.P." Course 

Audio & Workbook Course: 12 x 1 Chapter/Months

The Message and Process is Always the Same - Conceive! - Believe! - Receive! ...

STEP 1 - CONCEIVE - Thought is Creative!

In her book, “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne talks about the secret of Success which has been known for ages by the past achievers of our society! Earl Nightingale talked about it in his million-dollar seller “The Strangest Secret in the World”. Napoleon Hill talked about it in his classic “Think and Grow Rich”. James Allen, in his short-but-powerful essay, “As a Man Thinketh”, discussed the same thing. “As a man (person) Thinketh in his Heart, so is he (are they).”

STEP 2 - BELIEVE - Transfer Thoughts to the Subconscious!

Thinking of who we want to be or what we want to achieve is usually fairly simple. However, LEARNING or KNOWING how to create or possess a level of BELIEF sufficient for the process to work is another matter!

STEP 3 - RECEIVE - Change your your Subconscious - Change Your Life!

The C.U.P. (Claim Your Unlimited Potential) Course can and will reprogram the thoughts, habits and beliefs which currently exist in your Subconscious and make a positive difference in your life if you so desire!

THE RESULT - You will be a new and more successful person - Happier, Wiser and More Confident!

The C.U.P. Course” fits into the equation because the processes of Auto-Suggestion and Self-Hypnosis combined with the proper structure, coaching support and reinforcement offer the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT method available for that level of BELIEF to occur!

Change Our Thoughts - Change Our Lives

6 Examples of the 12 Month/Chapter Course
Chapter 1 - Money & Prosperity

Experience yourself as the source of money in your life. Clear mental barriers or limiting ideas you may have regarding wealth and financial success and then experience greater satisfaction in the areas of money, success and prosperity.

Chapter 5 - Decision Making

The decisions we make often have little to do with how we would like it to be, or what we really want. The fear of taking risks, of making mistakes, of other people’s disapproval, can be enough to cause us to procrastinate or not to decide at all! This chapter makes a helpful distinction between Decisions and Choices.

Chapter 5 - Self Confidence

The search for self-confidence begins with a simple formula referred to by some of the positive thing advocates positive mental attitude.

This chapter helps you clear the doubts that undermine your self-confidence and free the energy of initiative and accomplishment. You will find the balance between Positive Attitude, Self-Confidence and Humility.

Chapter 2 - Fear of Success

If asked, most people would state avidly that they were not afraid of Success, they would laugh and say, “Not me. I might be afraid of Failure, but most certainly not of Success.”  

Yet most of us are very busy "successfully" failing to reach our life's goals and dreams.

Chapter 8 - Creative Thinking

Thought is the vehicle which directs energy into form. Positive thoughts create positive circumstances. Negative thoughts create negative circumstances. 

In this chapter you will learn how to expand your mind and think outside the box. See the world with a new way and unleash the potential of your Creativity.

Chapter 12 - Money & Compensation

By the time you reach this chapter, there should be very little left to hear about Money, Happiness and Success.

This chapter will help you to live in a state of Prosperity and Satisfaction: in a state of being whole and fulfilled. Only from this inner state will you attract the Wealth and Happiness that you seek.

Meet the Hypnotist

"My name is Barrie Konicov. I am the author and voice of Potentials Unlimited® audios."

I began my hypnosis career in 1977 by conducting group "Weight Loss" and "Stop Smoking" classes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As part of my classes I wrote and recorded two tapes, one for each class. I continued writing and recording and created over 200 programs. My Potentials Unlimited® audios would set the standard for self-hypnosis tapes all over the world.

Over the years I trained at four hypnosis schools. In 1981 I began training people to become hypnotists and started the World Congress of Professional Hypno-therapists.

I have written two books. The last one, "God Talks to Everyone", tells the Potentials Unlimited story and how I was guided to do this work."

Within you is the Ability, the seed of Greatness, an unlimited Potential. It is only awaiting the stimulation of your desire to spring forth and bring you to whatever you desire.  You have the key to that door.  Only you can unlock it. Only you!  For many people, the "Claim Your Unlimited Potential" program is the first step in unlocking that door. It could be for you, too.

About the Coach

Although the Vehicles may have varied, what I do hasn’t changed in 30+ years.   I have been committed to achieving my goals by helping helping others achieve their own life's goals and dreams which in turn helps them create more Personal Development, Income Potential, Time Freedom and Financial Security in their lives.

We pay particular attention to that delicate personal balance between Happiness, Work, Wellness and Play.  Much of this activity usually involves some combination of Personal and Business Development techniques and concepts. 

I have been personally using, sharing and coaching the “Claim Your Unlimited Potential” course for many years.  

However, the first thing I want you to know about me is that I am not a “Certified or Accredited” Life, Health or Business Coach.  Instead, I claim to be “Life Certified” in the process of helping people successfully achieve their Personal and Business goals.

"Since the Vehicle must never be the limiting element, the height of our Success should be limited only by our ability to develop the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Financial Aspects of our own being."

George Sims

Here's What You’ll Get

What is involved in the course.  

The C.U.P. Course is offered by George Sims in collaboration with Potentials Unlimited and is a 12 chapter/month course including the topics:

Chapter 1 – Money & Prosperity

Chapter 2 – Fear of Success

Chapter 3 – Goal Setting

Chapter 4 – Problem Solving

Chapter 5 – How to Make a Decision

Chapter 6 – Fear of Failure

Chapter 7 – Will Power

Chapter 8 – Creative Thinking

Chapter 9 – Subconscious Sales Power

Chapter 10 – Develop Enthusiasm

Chapter 11 – Self-Confidence

Chapter 12 – Money-Compensation


​How is the course structured?

The audio portion includes an audio self-hypnosis component which is designed to be used primarily at your regular bed time.

The self-hypnosis component begins with a series of suggestions which bring you to a pleasant state of relaxation which will bring you to a natural sleep if played at your regular bed time.

The PDF Workbook part is to be completed each day with about ten to fifteen minutes of your time. It will reinforce the audio and serve as your roadmap to success. The PDFs will help you to plan your life and finances, focus on your goals, and be much happier daily. Using these daily play sheets will also help you stay on track with the program and focus on where you are and where you want to be.

Some  Overview and Coaching webinars are included with the course.  Private Coaching and Mentoring sessions can be arranged as requested by the participant at the convenience of both parties.


Optional Private Coaching.  

I have been helping people in the areas of Personal and Business Development concepts, processes, techniques and procedures for 30+ years. Although that has entailed several different titles and arrangements, it is all the same process.

My Coaching and Mentoring relationships involves but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Career Evaluation and Planning
  • Coaching on Personal Development techniques and concepts
  • Coaching on developing your existing business
  • Coaching for any business for which you are associated with me.
  • The C.U.P. Course (Claim your Unlimited Potential)
  • Usually Involves at least 1-2 private one hour sessions per month
  • Virtually unlimited access to me for Q & A about any of the above.


What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


I have had the opportunity to get to know George both professionally and personally and can honestly say that you cannot ask for a more caring and genuine person. It was early on in my career when I had the chance to work with George; attend his training seasons and take his advice. To this day I carry with me the importance of having balance in life and what that exactly means.   It was George and the C.U.P. course that got me to understand my potential and I will never forget it. He is certainly one of those that can make an impact in your life if you allow him to.

C. J Robinson - Wealth Management Advisor at TIAA-CREF
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"George is one of the best people I know. He is kind, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. As my mentor, he offers valuable insights and guidance every interaction we have. If you have the opportunity to work with George, you have been blessed, because he is a blessing to me every day."

Sallie Clark - On Line Ordering Business Growth Specialist
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


I have known and worked with George Sims for several years. I consider George a mentor as he has truly helped me change my life utilizing the C.U.P. course and his coaching. His insight into how to work effectively with people, how to succeed in life and how to enjoy every moment along the way has been invaluable to me. Those who take the opportunity to work with George and/or the C.U.P. course will not regret it!

Dennis Riggs - Dennis J. Riggs, PLLC

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is not for everybody!  If completed for 12 months, your life will change.  Most people aren't  really ready for that!


  • Those who desire to achieve more Success in their life!
  • Those who are willing to commit a few minutes DAILY for personal development.
  • Those who desire real change in their life and are willing to embrace it.
  • Those willing to let go of old habits and possibly old acquaintances. 


  • Those who are not willing to change any Fear of Failure they may have.
  • Those who are not willing to change any fear of Success they may have.
  • Those who are not willing to commit a few minutes daily for 12 months to change their life!
  • Those who are not coach-able!
Guaranteed Results! *

​"If, after following guidelines and giving the Self Improvement product a conscientious effort for a minimum of 30 consecutive days per title, you do not experience these benefits, you may return it for a full refund. (Shipping and handling are not refunded)"

* (Guarantee offered by Course Provider.  See P.U. order Page for final and binding details)

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Free "Ten-Forty"  Talks Videos

For many years I have specialized in helping people in their quest for more

Success.  Most of this activity involves some combination of Personal and Business Development techniques and concepts.  

The "Ten-Forty Talks" is a 13 week series of the most ten most important Concepts and Techniques I have learned and used myself and in working with hundreds of people over a forty year span.  

The information contained in these free webinars has been life-changing for me and many others and are potentially worth many times the cost of the C.U.P. Course!

​* Offered by George Sims

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