Network Marketing differences are substantial. Networking is becoming a way of life in the business community. Almost every major retail company around the world now offers affiliate referral commission programs. Fifteen years ago, this would have been scoffed at by the traditional business community.

A traditional company or business would typically have a Vice President of Marketing with several regional managers reporting directly to them. Those regional managers would recruit, hire, train and manage several area managers who, in turn, would each recruit, hire, train and manage several sales representatives.

The sales representatives are then responsible for selling the company’s products or services.

Plotted on a piece of paper, the shape of the traditional organization would look like a triangle or pyramid.

It’s quite obvious that the higher the level the higher the pay and that there is less room at the top for advancement. It is also evident that it is mathematically impossible for each and every sales representative or employee to rise to the top regardless of how good a job they do!


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Additional network marketing differences:

First and foremost:

One of the Network Marketing Differences is that each individual starts at exactly the same level – at the top of their own organization, has exactly the same opportunity as everyone else and is compensated in direct proportion to the activity or success that they have had an influence in generating.


A major network marketing difference is that one doesn’t need to be a sales person to reap the level of financial benefits normally associated with company owners, sales managers and marketers.


Another major network marketing difference is that work with, when and for whom we choose!

Last but not least:

Different than in a traditional company, we only work for ourselves and those whose activity generates income for us! We may also choose to work with those which we are generating income for, because, in most cases, they don’t make money unless we do.

Therefore, they have a great incentive to work with us and for us instead of having the mindset that we work for them, a mindset which exists in a traditional business.

Are the products less expensive?

When considering network marking differences we must consider that in many cases, network marketing companies offer higher quality products than are offered at our local store and are offered at competitive prices.

At first glance, most people don’t believe that statement. But remember, when retailing one must consider price versus “perceived value”. In network marketing, that is not a major issue because of the referral and word of mouth process.

But for illustration purposes, let’s assume that a retail outlet and a network marketing company were selling like products and like prices and that the retail company was even will to give you a discount for being a repeat customer. (Normally doesn’t happen!)

Let’s assume that you purchase a product from a retail outlet and let’s assume that the store gave you a 50% discount or rebate. In effect you’ve saved 50% on the products you purchased. That may save you a few dollars. Although saving money is important, the concept of earning money regularly on products that we are all already buying is far more exciting.

The concept of a network marketing home based business is to redistribute the marketing dollar!

There is another network marketing difference which could not exist for an employee of a traditional company or even a small business owner.

Imagine having a network of thousands of customers purchasing quality products or services each month where you receive a few dollars per month for each customer! Remember, these are products or services that we are all already buying, or should be, and this is money that is normally paid to others.

Imagine this network growing each month partially through the efforts of others. Some of these people who you may be assisting in various ways, however, you are paying none of them!

In essence, the simple process of referring other customers who also refer other customers to a Network Marketing company, presents a network marketing home based business opportunity with redistribution of the wealth to you and I, the consumer!

Network Marketing – Employees and Debt

Rather than having several employees working with other employees under one roof for the benefit of someone else’s company, with a home business opportunity Network, we have a bunch of home business opportunity owners, working under their own roof, networking with other home-based business owners, all working for their own companies.

This concept provides an incentive and opportunity of multiplication and duplication for each home-based business owner equal to or greater than that of the owners of traditional businesses with multiple employees and locations, with out all the hassles associated with traditional businesses!

It requires no debt, no employees and no complicated administrative procedures. With Network Marketing, we work with and for other people and other people work with and for us.

Network Marketing – No Major investment

With the right home business opportunity Network, one should be able to start their own home-based business for hundreds of dollars or at the most a few thousand, rather than the normal thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars usually associated with other traditional businesses which have any serious financial potential!

Network Marketing – No Inventory, No Receivables, and No Collections

I will not spend time on these. If you have ever experienced them as an owner, they need no explanation.

Network Marketing Difference – No Employees

Employees require a tremendous obligation from the business owner; mentally, emotionally and financially.

With home business opportunity Network Marketing, other independent distributors in our organization, while working their own home-based business, supply the same benefit to us as employees would to a traditional business.

With a home business opportunity network, we have no payroll, no benefit overhead, no space requirement, and no management duties other than a moral obligation to help others in their business just as others will help us.

Network Marketing Difference – Residual Income – Persistency

Residual income is not really understood by most people who have never experience it. Residual income continues, and in the case of network marketing, can grow even after your effort is put forth.

Unless you have been a successful network marketer, insurance agent or marketer, author or actor, it is really difficult to understand the tremendous benefit of residual income. Starting on a part time basis, a sincere person or couple with desire and persistence can, within a three to five year period, build a meaningful residual income to last a lifetime and then some.

Building a residual income is a little like flying a big jet. It takes a significant amount of fuel to get it off the ground, but once it has reached altitude, it can throttle back and fly on a fraction of the fuel needed for takeoffs.

The big difference is that a residual income can “fly” seemingly forever with a little refueling along the way. The income stream can be passed from generation to generation. All the other benefits of home business opportunity Network Marketing, such as control, opportunity, and flexibility are important, but Residual Income is the essence of Network Marketing!