In the network marketing structure, there are customers and also independent representatives who operate as a home-based business. The customers may also be independent reps. Independent reps can earn management positions if they so desire.

One of the most important points to remember about this structure is that you have all the benefits of having employees with none of the negatives!  Other people operating their own businesses serve the same role as employees would.  However, different than in traditional business, in network market when you bring someone into your organization you are committing to work for them!  Because you cannot be successful without their success.

Different than in traditional business:

Each independent representative is given the opportunity and responsibility of both recruiting customers and other independent representatives.

Each independent representative is owner, president, and vice-president of marketing for their own home based business.

Word of Mouth Business:

By nature, the Networking Marketing Structure assumes a word of mouth business. By spreading the word, either to their warm market or through organized marketing systems and campaigns, the direct marketer identifies others who desire to be customers and or independent representatives (home-based business owners).

The independent rep helps those newly recruited independent reps build their own network marketing home based business by helping them identify other customers and independent reps who desire to own their own home based business.

Through this duplication and multiplication process each home based business owner can recruit and sponsor a few customers and/or independent representatives and, as a result, generate a sizable organization of consumers and marketers.

In a mature network market organization structure, it is normal for there to be 50-100+ customers for each customer/independent representative that you personally refer!

Network Marketing and Referrals:

Does referring customers in the network marketing structure sound like a foreign and awkward activity to you?

You do it every day and someone else is benefiting from your referral activity!

How many people have you referred to your favorite restaurant or to your favorite movie? How many more have gone because the people you told enjoyed the restaurant or movie and told someone else who went?

How much did you get paid? We are all already referring customers everyday! It is just that most of us don’t get paid for it.

The question is not whether we refer customers; the question is whether we are getting paid for the activity!

In the network marketing structure, customer/independent reps receive an income for “marketing” the products for the company simply by referring other customers! Normally, we receive compensation through 5 – 10 generations of this duplication activity. In addition, there are usually additional performance and leaderships bonus compensation structures!

Assuming an association with the right company and utilizing the Network Marketing Structure, there exists one of the very few processes I know of where you will earn in direct relation to your ability and effort with virtually unlimited potential!

Although most people are looking only for a few hundred or few thousand of supplemental monthly income, I personally know, know of, or have met a substantial number of people who earn several tens of thousands of dollars per month from their Network Marketing home based business!

In the Network Marketing Structure, different than in a traditional business, one can start and run a significant business with very little marketing costs.

In today’s world of the internet, the marketing options are endless. However, if you intend to start network marketing internet business and have little or no experience marketing on the internet, we suggest you review the balance of the site, prior to spending lots of money.