Home businesses which coincide with current market trends are much more likely to be successful. Current trends in the workplace indicates that the availability of personal computers and people desiring flexibility of time and activity are the catalysts for a major movement of people working at home in corporate America.

Those people desiring flexibility of time and activity and, in addition, want control of their financial destiny, are also starting internet home businesses en masse.

Most people need additional income.

Many people want more time with their families.

Some simply want to have control of their time.

We must be aware that the more obligations we have to other people, the less control we have over our own time. Our own desire for success is the only factor which controls the time of an easy home based business owner.

A market trend is really an economic movement, meaning that large masses of people’s spending habits are moving in a uniform direction. The effect the baby-boomers have had and will have for years to come on the American economy is a good example.

To ignore this fact increases the difficulty ten fold of being successful in any business!