Normally, when we think of business investment required, serious investment immediately comes to mind. Many mortgage their homes to start a small business.

Even if the individual possesses the desire to own their own traditional business, the majority of people do not have the proper education, experience, or disposition to successfully run a traditional business which has risk of investment loss, debt, employees, inventory, advertising, customers, billings and collections and other on going problems!

Most traditional businesses have very little leveraging potential whatsoever with access to substantial amounts of capital.

In many cases, even if the business succeeds, it would not have the potential to provide financial independence without total domination of our time, energy and attention.

Also, history shows that a majority of those businesses won’t last three years. And failure of the business usually not only means a loss of income, but also a loss of investment and those mortgaged assets used to start the business, i.e. your home!

With a home based businesses, the most you can lose is your initial investment of a few hundreds or thousands of dollars and your time.