Identifying the best home businesses is a daunting task and may be somewhat foreign to us. Changes in America’s workplace are forcing us to open our minds and consider alternatives which, in the past, may have been considered by some as non-traditional.

But of course, many of those people who become wealthy consider alternatives that the majority of the population deems non-traditional; otherwise more people would be financially independent!

I’m not trying to say that all people can or should become wealthy, but it seems evident that the business and job environment for the masses is rapidly changing. I am suggesting that we should have an open mind and share ideas about the pursuit of success.

It’s been said that a mind is like a parachute, it works better when it’s open!

Happiness and Satisfaction

When considering our internet home business happiness satisfaction, first there are some questions which we must ask ourselves in order to see if we really are satisfied with our current life.

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Risk Tolerance

First, the best work at home businesses must be safe in relation to the risk tolerance of the person. What is deemed as safe to a young person starting their career is certainly different from that of a person in or near retirement.

Regardless, the height of our success should be limited only by our ability to develop the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial aspects of our own being… The vehicle must never be the limiting factor in our success.

A home based internet business opportunity is usually in the budget of most people and can be within their comfort zone without having to mortgage their home and risk everything they have to start their traditional business. I have personally seen several people risk everything to open that shop, which has absolutely no leveraging characteristics at all, and lose it all!


Next the internet business income opportunity must be suitable for the individual. Experts have always said find something you like to do, figure out a way to make money from it and you will probably be successful.

Professional athletes who earn fortunes playing a game they love are extremely fortunate. But, most of us have learned that we can’t always be financially successful working at our hobbies. However, we all deserve the opportunity to enjoy what we do and to work in a positive environment.

Effort vs. Reward

Next, the activities surrounding the internet home businesses must be doable and provide opportunity in relation to effort! Not everyone can be a scientist, a doctor or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

However, any individual can obtain financial success if they can match their abilities with the appropriate vehicle.

To enhance leveraging possibilities, the internet home businesses must be time proven and be doable by a wide array of individuals of all ages, races, educational backgrounds, and business experience. In the cases where individuals have demonstrated true Desire and Persistence over a period of time, their income levels have equaled or exceeded that of many CEOs. Although education and experience may reduce the time period for achievement, Desire and Persistence are more important characteristics for Success with our easy home based business opportunities!

Other Desirable Traits

We believe using appropriate internet home businesses as a vehicle for success addresses the four areas of concerns better than most other alternatives, whether for an additional $50 per month or for $50,000 per month of income. Having a home-based business is not a new concept.

We’re asking that you consider adding one or more internet home businesses to your current job or business income. We believe that a internet business income opportunity possesses at least three additional desirable traits:

a) Immediate tax benefits

b) Flexibility of time and activity

c) A favorable opportunity to investment ratio.

Tax Benefits

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Current Trends in the Workplace

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Normally, when we think of our own business, serious investment immediately comes to mind. Many mortgage their homes to start a small business.

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Most franchises cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and a percentage of the gross revenue, regardless of profit. Our opportunities require very small investments and have virtually unlimited income potential. The potential is limited mainly by one’s own Desire and Persistence and time of involvement.

Network Marketing

Internet Home Businesses and Network Marketing


– Job prospects are declining and will continue to do so. Promotional opportunities to management within major companies are also shrinking.

– Traditional businesses have higher risks than those associated with internet home businesses.

– You will never achieve great financial success unless you reduce your taxes to the legal minimum.