When considering internet home businesses and network marketing, we are not asking that anyone change everything immediately.

We are however, suggesting that people consider the addition of the right home based business opportunity starting their journey of financial success in a different direction.

Having a home based business is not a new concept.

Network Marketing is not a new concept.

Home based and internet businesses are the New Frontier!

There are people of all ages making more money quicker utilizing this concept than in any other arena of the past.

Never in the history of our country has the concept been so prevalent and is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception! The reason is very simple.

This concept is providing American’s with what they want; control of their time and financial opportunities proportionate to their abilities and effort.

Many of these businesses provide all those benefits listed above; however, they have limited financial opportunity!

With the right home-based Network Marketing business, one has all of the benefits and advantages of a home-based business and unlimited financial opportunity usually associated with a large traditional business.

“Starting on a part-time basis, a sincere person or couple
with Desire and Persistence and the right online home businesses can, within a three to five year period, build a meaningful network marketing home business with Residual Income to last a lifetime and then some!”

I know, because I have done it. And if I can do it, you can to. I discuss that in more detail on other pages, but the point is that most anyone who has Desire and Persistence and the right home based business idea can do it.

What network marketing information is relevant? It is very difficult to separate the marketing hype from pertinent network marketing information when considering a network marketing home based business.

When you purchase a product or service, usually over 50% of the retail cost is associated with marketing! That would be any cost associated with getting someone to buy the product plus any cost incurred once it is produced by the factory.

With a Network Marketing home based business, the products are shipped directly to the consumer from the factory. Those monies normally associated with marketing are paid directly to several network marketing home based business owners which had previous direct or indirect influence in the referral of the customer!

Network Marketing Company Structures

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Network Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

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Choosing Safe Companies and Business Opportunities

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The purpose for this communique is to identify Individuals who sincerely want more Success in their life but don’t seem to have the right Vehicle for their journey.

I have been involved in the training and experiences of many people. I have watched many people both fail and succeed. There can be many reasons given, however, it appears to me that both Desire and Persistence, and a willingness to learn, as outlined in Think and Grow Rich, are the qualities which set apart those who eventually succeed!

In the properly chosen network marketing opportunity, little else is required. However, experience has taught me that many more people propose to have Desire and Persistence than actually demonstrate it.

If you are one of the few, then I invite you to join our Teams of Twelve and investigate a safe and proven business opportunity which will allow our team to work with you and for you, in order that we both achieve our Success goals.