Since the Vehicle must never be the limiting element, the height of our Success should be limited only by our ability to develop the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Financial Aspects of our own being!

Many of the Personal Development techniques addressed for the Individual will be based upon the principles of “The CUP Course” and from the book “Think and Grow Rich”. Both of these resources address the Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial aspects of the Individual.

The Mental aspects involves the concepts we learn.  Particular attention should be paid to the difference between General and Specific knowledge.  Many of us have a lot of General knowledge, however, we lack the Specific knowledge necessary to achieve our goals and dreams!

The Emotional aspect involves our attitude.  Many of us think we have the proper attitude when in reality, our glass is Half Empty rather than Half Full!  Our team shares and provides methods and techniques for maximizing individual development and self improvement.

When addressing the Spiritual aspect we do not get into Religion.  Those are individual beliefs!  What we address is our ability to BELIEVE in any concept and then being able to stick to that belief when we are challenged.

When addressing the Physical aspect of our Success, I am reminded of the saying about “Our Bodies being our Temple”.  Anyone who has faced major illness or near death experiences can attest to the fact that without our Health, it becomes more difficult to enjoy any material Success we may achieve.

Financial concerns, along with Health and Wellness, is one of the top three concerns that people make their resolutions every New Year!  I spent over 30 years in activities related to the financial services industry.  Many of those years involved training Financial Advisors.