This manual was designed as part of a one-year program to accompany 12 audios, recorded by professional hypnotist Barrie Konicov.

Barrie Konicov of Potentials Unlimited has developed and used these ideas during the course of working with various people with all kinds of problems, over many years. His experience has shown him that what separates the “haves” from the “have nots” is what people think about life. And that by editing, restructuring and reprogramming thoughts, people can make a difference in the way they live.

You may find some very dramatic changes that result from where “impossible” and “I can’t” cease to be the barriers and obstacles that turn us into helpless victims, and become simply thoughts which we recognize as “the way we used to think.”

The PDF or written part is to be completed each day with about ten to fifteen minutes of your time. It will reinforce the audio and serve as your roadmap to success.

The workbook contain four specific types of information and tasks:

1. Explanation and background on the chapter topic

2. Daily “Play” sheets for daily “to do” task and contains accountability section.

3. Daily “Affirmations” which relate to the chapter topic.

4. List of “Processes” to be done during the study of the chapter.

The PDFs will help you to plan your life and finances, focus on your goals, and be much happier on a daily basis.

Using these daily play sheets will also help you stay on track with the program and focus on where you are and where you want to be.