The audio portion – is offered by Potentials Unlimited and includes an audio self-hypnosis component which is designed to be used primarily at your regular bed time.

The self-hypnosis component begins with a series of suggestions which bring you to a pleasant state of relaxation which will bring you to a natural sleep if played at your regular bedtime. This is desirable because your mind never sleeps so repeatedly playing the tape at your bedtime will saturate your mind with suggestions to bring change as you sleep.

Self-Hypnosis is an elevated form of Auto-Suggestion, a concept made famous by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. This concept, along with the Mastermind concept, has been responsible for literally tens of thousands of success stories over the years.

This audio component is most effective if you do it several times per week at bedtime. It is suggested that this part can also be used during the day at least twice per week for a lighter hypnosis which is similar to daydreaming.

The Subliminal Persuasion component contains the same script minus suggestions for sleep and relaxation masked by music. This can be used anytime.

Meet Our Hypnotist

“My name is Barrie Konicov. I am the author and voice of Potentials Unlimited® audios. I began my hypnosis career in 1977 by conducting group “Weight Loss” and “Stop Smoking” classes in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As part of my classes I wrote and recorded two audios, one for each class. I continued writing and recording and created over 200 programs. My Potentials Unlimited® tapes would set the standard for self hypnosis audios all over the world.

Over the years I trained at four hypnosis schools, and joined two hypnosis organizations. In 1981 I began training people to become hypnotists and started the World Congress of Professional Hypno-therapists.

I have written two books. The last one, “God Talks to Everyone”, tells the Potentials Unlimited story and how I was guided to do this work.”