The definition relates will to choice – a word and concept frequently used in these chapters.

Willpower adds dimension to the act of choice – the strong intention or determination needed to choose in the face of opposing forces or circumstances.

Another way of stating the idea is “choosing what you really want in the midst of feeling like you can’t have it,” In this way, it is closely allied to courage, which we define as “choosing a positive though in the midst of negativity.” Your will is the seat of your power.

This chapter will help you focus your power and use it to build your life by making conscious choices for the present and the future.


Affirmations Technique

Money & Prosperity – Chapter 1

Fear of Success – Chapter 2

Goal Setting – Chapter 3

Problem Solving – Chapter 4

Decision Making – Chapter 5

Fear of Failure – Chapter 6

Will Power – Chapter 7

Creative Thinking – Chapter 8

Subconscious Sales Power Chapter 9

Develop Enthusiasm – Chapter 10

Self-Confidence – Chapter 11

Money-Compensation – Chapter 12