“A Successful person is a failure who gets up one more time.” – Kyle King

FAILURE “Failing to do or perform; lack of success; one that has failed.”

FAIL “To become feeble; to stop functioning; to be or to become absent or inadequate; to fall short.”

In this chapter you will learn how to expand your perception of failure and your ability to deal with it in a life-supporting and constructive manner.


Affirmations Technique

Money & Prosperity – Chapter 1

Fear of Success – Chapter 2

Goal Setting – Chapter 3

Problem Solving – Chapter 4

Decision Making – Chapter 5

Fear of Failure – Chapter 6

Will Power – Chapter 7

Creative Thinking – Chapter 8

Subconscious Sales Power Chapter 9

Develop Enthusiasm – Chapter 10

Self-Confidence – Chapter 11

Money-Compensation – Chapter 12