Decisions are the result of Judgment

They are conclusions made after weighing both the pros and cons. Usually, they have little to do with how we would like it to be, or what we really want.

Often, the decision making process is referred to as picking the lesser of two evils.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons so much fear can be involved in the decision making process. The fear of taking risks, of making mistakes, of other people’s disapproval, can be enough to cause us to procrastinate or not to decide at all!

This chapter makes a helpful distinction between decisions and choices.

Shift how doubt and disapproval affect you and how you approach the decisions and choices of your life.


Affirmations Technique

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Fear of Success – Chapter 2

Goal Setting – Chapter 3

Problem Solving – Chapter 4

Decision Making – Chapter 5

Fear of Failure – Chapter 6

Will Power – Chapter 7

Creative Thinking – Chapter 8

Subconscious Sales Power Chapter 9

Develop Enthusiasm – Chapter 10

Self-Confidence – Chapter 11

Money-Compensation – Chapter 12