The definition for Purpose that we use is “reason for being.”

That reason creates a context or an environment in which we live our lives. It is also the motivating force for all that we do. Purpose is without end; it continues for as long as the project does or for as long as you do. If your purpose goes on forever…well, we’ll let you think about that one for a while!

Goals are specific, achievable, measurable events.

They are the content within the context. Goals are the results that we produce in life which have a specific beginning and end.

With this chapter you will be able to draw the map for your life by writing goals that are in harmony with your life purpose. Learn how to create treasure maps to help you visualize your goals and focus your energy on manifestation.


Affirmations Technique

Money & Prosperity – Chapter 1

Fear of Success – Chapter 2

Goal Setting – Chapter 3

Problem Solving – Chapter 4

Decision Making – Chapter 5

Fear of Failure – Chapter 6

Will Power – Chapter 7

Creative Thinking – Chapter 8

Subconscious Sales Power Chapter 9

Develop Enthusiasm – Chapter 10

Self-Confidence – Chapter 11

Money-Compensation – Chapter 12