By now, there should be very little left to hear about money and success. All of the previous 11 chapters have dealt with these issues from various perspectives.

At this point, we trust that you do not believe what you read and hear, but have begun to build a base of truth out of your own experience.

One of our goals is to point out to you, through exercises and processes, low much you really don’t know: how much of your life is run by outdated belief systems, seeking approval from your parents, friends and co-workers, and unconscious programming that you picked up from your environment.

This chapter will help you to live in a state of satisfaction and find completion within yourself and let go of blame.

Having accomplished this, you can then live in a state of being whole and fulfilled. Only from this inner state will you attract the wealth and income that you seek.


Affirmations Technique

Money & Prosperity – Chapter 1

Fear of Success – Chapter 2

Goal Setting – Chapter 3

Problem Solving – Chapter 4

Decision Making – Chapter 5

Fear of Failure – Chapter 6

Will Power – Chapter 7

Creative Thinking – Chapter 8

Subconscious Sales Power Chapter 9

Develop Enthusiasm – Chapter 10

Self-Confidence – Chapter 11

Money-Compensation – Chapter 12