Our lives are very much like the movies. Our mind is both the movie studio and the projection booth. Our environments, and the happenings in our lives, are the movies themselves.

Most people spend their lives thinking about something or someone else, rather than being in present time.

They worry about the future or regret the past, never enjoying the present. A few people even go through life asleep – in a zombie-like trance, doing the same things day after day, without any feelings at all doing the same things but expecting different results!

And then there are a percentage of people, like you, who go to their projection booth (the mind) and begin examining their films (belief systems) by themselves, getting rid of the movies that they don’t want, and shooting new films.

An AFFIRMATION is a positive though, chosen on purpose about the way we want life to be.

Working with affirmations is a three step process –




Once we choose our affirmation, we can “shoot some footage” (repetition) and take it in to the projection booth saying, “I want a movie on this theme.”

The projectionist (mind) will then give you all the films that support that new footage, as well as any that is in direct opposition to it (response). You can then review all the film and choose the footage for he move that you want to show.

The final step of the process is to give the new movie to the projectionist (your mind) and then go about being and doing your life and letting the new movie happen (release).