Years of experience and research drives home the truth that our Success is a function of both our Individual Development and the Vehicle we chose for our journey. If expressed mathematically it would look something like this:

Success = Vehicle x Individual 

Of the two elements, the Vehicle must never be limiting element of our Success, therefore, it is absolutely essential that the Vehicle (Job or Business) we choose for our journey of Success be totally Dependable, Viable, and Suitable for us.

Since the Vehicle must never be the limiting element, the height of our Success should be limited only by our ability to develop the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Financial Aspects of our own being!

The Claim your Unlimited Potential (C.U.P.) Course is a Personal Development course and has been developed from the experiences of thousands of successful people who at one time were looking for something better. Although this course doesn’t contain their stories, it does contain the benefits of their experiences and practical techniques necessary to reach a new level of success.

On this level, you will be the Cause, rather than the Effect, of circumstances in your life.

This program can and will reprogram your thoughts and make a positive difference in your life if you so desire!

Is the C.U.P. Course for You?

Determining the answer to that question may be as easy as considering the following questions:

1. Are you earning as much money as you think you are worth?
2. Do you like your job and enjoy your work?
3. Do you think you are going to advance rapidly to top management?
4. Do you own a part of the business you work for?
5. Do you have as many close friends as you would like?
6. If married, is your marital life free from strife and arguments?
7. Does the president of your bank, the mayor of your town, or the editor of the local newspaper know you by your first name?
8. Do people seek your advice on social and economic matters?
9. Do you have enough investments to insure a comfortable retirement?
10. Have you visited all of the places in the world that you would like to?
11. Do you own the house of your dreams?
12. Do you have everything you want?

If you answered “No” to over half of these questions, you can only win with the C.U.P. course.
However, there is now one more question we must ask ourselves:

“Are we willing to commit to make a true change in our lives?”

I have taken this course several times and have mentored many others in their course process. Taking this course requires a commitment. Over 80% of the population will talk about it but never make a true commitment for Change.  Unfortunately the majority will quit prior to compllletion.

If you complete this course, your life will change Forever for the better!