Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life!

You have you decided to Claim Your Unlimited Potential and that the C.U.P. Course is right for you. You’re preparing to make a yearlong commitment to make a major change in your life now!

Purchasing and Participating in the complete C.U.P. course with Coaching and Mentoring is a Two Step process:

Step 1 : Purchase the C.U.P. Course Audios and PDF Workbook portion from my Potentials Unlimited website:

Option A. – Monthly – $35.98 per month for 12 months* – (Click Here) or

Option B. – Annually – $275.99 one time (Click Here)* to save money.

* On the monthly plans, PU will automatically bill the second month approximately 30 days after initial purchase of Chapter 1 and then continue with consecutive monthly drafts. You may cancel the automatic draft at any time with 5 business days’ notice. Buy all twelve chapters at once and only pay for 8!

All Potentials Unlimited items have a 100% risk free Guarantee.

Step 2 – After you purchase the CUP Course,  I will:

a.  Contact you and will be available as a personal Coach and Mentor for you. (Optional)

b.  Offer Coaching on any other personal and business activities you may need.  (Ask me how you could possible get this Personal and Business Coaching section for Free!)

Please refer back to the Mentoring and Coaching pages for detailed explanation of services offered by George Sims.

If you do not hear from me within 2 days, please email me at

Summary of Charges and Activities – (If course is taken with Coaching as recommended.)

  • Audio & Work Book purchased from and billed by Potentials Unlimited – $35.98 per month or $275.99 one time.
  • “Coaching” fees paid to me (Optional) – $100/month (or qualify to receive for free!)
  • “Personal Evaluation” and “How to Optimize CUP Course” – Included – Prior to start
  • Mininum of 2 hours Private Mentoring and Coaching Webinar included – Scheduled
  • Private Mentoring and Coaching Webinar included per quarter
  • Additional Coaching and Mentoring as reasonably requested and needed – included.
  •  Available on short notice for Q & A.

Potentially Free Coaching and Mentoring – (Click Here for Details)

* – It is IMPOSSIBLE to complete this course without changing your life in both your Personal and Business arena! For that reason it is very difficult to do alone because old habits die hard and it is difficult to know and understand what you don’t know! It has been my experience that the odds of completing and gaining the maximum benefit from this course without Coaching, Mentoring and Accountability from and with someone who has taken and taught the course is 20% less.

If you do decide to try this course without purchasing the Coaching and Mentoring option, we suggest that you put together a group of 6 – 10 or more people who all also agree to purchase and complete the course along with you and can meet in person or via internet weekly or bi-monthly. You should start with over 6 because the statistical odds are that over 60-80% will not complete the course.

The question then becomes:

Will you be one of the less than 20 – 40% who will? Your odds go up greatly with professional Coaching and Mentoring regardless of your age, previous experience, previous successes or lack thereof!

If you need or desire to discuss this offer in more detail, you are encouraged to contact me personally.

George Sims
(502) 509-5673