The Ten-Forty Talks Overview - 10 Most Important Personal and Business Development Concepts and Techniques learned over 40 years!

Watch the video to discover a "Formula for More Success" which you may not have seen before!

Interested in the Ten-Forty talks?  More importantly, are you really open for change?  Many people claim to want more Success but are not really open to making the changes in themselves necessary to achieve it.  I know that in my case it has certainly been true at different periods in my life.

The Ten-Forty Talks is an organized outline of Success foundation building concepts and techniques.  I do not claim authorship of all of this information.  Most has been learned from education, 40+ years of experience and 3 great mentors I was fortunate to have at a young age.     The information was developed into an organized Formula over the years for my own use out of necessity.  

This information is considered as basic building blocks in any foundation for a life of successful endeavors.  Again, for me, they are the 10 that I would want to learn first if I were starting or to perfect to a higher degree if I were striving for a higher lever of Success regardless of the starting point!

This information  has been shared for FREE with countless people over the years.  Many have claimed significant Success in their endeavors utilizing this information.  It may be worth for you exactly what you are paying for it but it has the potential of being life-changing as it has for many others in both Personal and Business arenas.

At the bottom of each email we may offer related tools, products​ and relationship opportunities which we think makes the journey. easier and more rewarding.  These are obviously optional!  However, we will never offer any concept, strategy, product or company which we have not had significant experience with.

These are not magical principles!  They must be internalized and implemented in order to work!  Please DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that since these videos are offered for FREE and not professionally produced that this information cannot be life changing.  It certainly was for me and for many others

As stated in the video, this series consist of about 15 videos covering the "Ten-Forty Talks" or the ten most important concepts I've learned from 40+ years of experience.  

“Ten-Forty Talks" Outline

1.  Formula for Success – 2 sessions

2.  The Mastermind Concept

3.  Auto Suggestion/Self-Hypnosis

4.  5-Step Activity and Control Model – 2 sessions

5.  Personality Profiles – 2 sessions

6.  Approaching

7.  Optimizing Business Networking Events and Social Media – 2 sessions

8.  Concept of Leverage

9.  Zero Dollar Net Cost Strategy

10.  Traditional vs. Networking vs, Affiliate Marketing Models

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