Personality Profiles - Part 2

Video 8 - "Ten-Forty Talks" 

Welcome to this 10-topic 15 video series presented by George Sims.

Steps to greater Credibility and Influence

Know Yourself – within the behavioral model

Control Yourself – 5 Step Action and Control model & DISC models

Know Others – learn how to recognize behavioral differences in others

Appeal to other’s Basic Needs – Identify their style, and utilizing the 5 Step Action and Control Model to help them attain their goals based upon their need and desires.

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VIDEO #7:  Personality Profiles

“All people exhibit all four behavioral factors in varying degrees of intensity.” – W.M. Marston

Issue of “Right” vs. “Wrong” is a non-issue

Behavorial Profiling is a NEUTRAL language

VIDEO #8:   Personality Profiles - Part 2

A person cannot motivate another person simply by words alone long-term; one can only create an environment in which people become self-motivated.

People do things for their reasons and not yours

If I understand me better than you understand me, then I can control the communication or the situation.

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