The "Ten-Forty Talks" is a compilation of the 10 most important Strategies, Concepts and Techniques learned in 40+ years of business experience. - George Sims 

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The Success Formula - Part 1


The Success Formula - Part 2


The Mastermind Concept


Five Step Activity Control Model - Part 1


Five Step Activity Control Model - Part 2


Personality Profiles - History and Explanation


Personality Profiles - Types and Applications


Personality Profiles - Finish & Review


Approaching Properly


Optimizing Networking Events - Preparation


Optimizing Business Networking Events


Optimizing Networking Events - Follow-Up


The Concept of Leverage


"Zero Dollar Net Cost" Strategy


Traditional vs. Network Marketing


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Many people are intimidated by the idea of learning new Personal and Business Development techniques ... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn these simple techniques for creating  a stronger foundation you will gain an edge in your Personal and Business endeavors without feeling like you are in a competition.

What You'll Discover in the 10 Topics of the "Ten-Forty Talks" Course:

  • The Best Success Tools
    Learn about some of the Success Tools our Team uses in their various businesses.
  • The Forgotten Key
    Many of us try to build the building prior to completing a proper foundation!  Even worse, when a crack in the foundation is identified, we overlook or continue with patchwork rather than stopping to fix the problem.
  • The Recipe for More Success
    Striving for more Success without a proven formula is like cooking without a recipe!  It may turn out great but its usually wiser to also utilize the experience of others in addition to our own.
  • The Law of Attraction Advantage
    See how you can use each video you make to get traffic from multiple sources.
  • Personal Development Techniques
    Our Success should be limited only by our ability to develop the Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Spiritual aspects of our being!
  • How to Afford That Which We Can't Afford
    Many of us try to save make or save extra money for those things we need or desire to do in the future.  More often than not, we have a hard time allocating money or time for "NOW"!  Learn new strategies which enable the "NOW" without taking money for the future.
  • Business Development Techniques
    The Vehicle(s) must never be the limiting element in our Success!  Learn how to better evaluate Vehicles as to their Suitability Viability and Dependability.
  • The Recognition Advantage
    In understanding your own and also be able to recognize others personality profile, one can better relate and communicate.  Better communication is always better in both Personal and Business environments.  

What Others Are Saying:

Dan Skaggs  - Owner - One Thing Marketing

Working with George has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of my business. Through his guidance and training on business development, sales, and much more our business has more than doubled and he continues to help us develop strategies to grow even more. If you have an opportunity to work with George, I would highly recommend you do. You will not be disappointed.

Sally Clark  - Online Ordering Specialist

George is one of the best people I know. He is kind, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. As my mentor, he offers valuable insights and guidance into every interaction we have. If you have the opportunity to work with George, you have been blessed, because he is a blessing to me every day.

Dennis Riggs, CPA 

I have known and worked with George Sims for several years. I consider George a mentor as he has truly changed my life. His insight into how to work effectively with people, how to succeed in life and how to enjoy every moment along the way has been invaluable to me. Those who take the opportunity to work with George will not regret it!

Simone Mancuso  - Master Your Mindset

I have been working with George for over a year now and he is a great leader. He has helped many, many people achieve their goals. Not only does he know what he is talking about, but he practices what he preaches. I know I am not only better at running my business, but am also a better person thanks to George.

C J Robinson  - Wealth Management

I have had the opportunity to get to know George both professionally and personally and can honestly say that you cannot ask for a more caring and genuine person. It was early on in my career when I had the chance to work with George and take his advice. To this day I carry with me the importance of having balance in life and what that exactly means because of George and I will never forget it. He is certainly one of those that can make an impact in your life if you allow him to.

Kevin Elliott - Financial Advisor 

George uses practical applications to help sales people understand and perfect his 5-Step Activity Control Model. He is the best sales teacher that I have ever met and his training shows us how to make our businesses grow in an easy to understand manner.

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