Years of experience and research drives home the truth that our Success is a function of both our Individual Development and the Vehicle(s) we chose for our journey. If expressed mathematically it would look something like this:

Success = Vehicle x Individual

Of the two elements, the Vehicle(s) must never be limiting element of our Success, therefore, it is absolutely essential that the Vehicle(s) (Job or Business) we choose for our journey of Success be totally Dependable, Viable, and Suitable for us.

Since the Vehicle must never be the limiting element, the height of our Success should be limited only by our ability to develop the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Financial Aspects of our own being.  

How  we address  VEHICLE development – In the Business Development we concentrate on both Selection and Development techniques.  Most of the Business oriented  techniques shared will have universal business Development application.  If desired, we assist in the proper processes for the Selection of a Success Vehicle(s) which possesses the necessary characteristics of Suitability, Viability and Reliability.  We also have “Vehicle Recommendations” for those who don’t already have their perfect Success Vehicle.

How we address INDIVIDUAL development – Many of the Personal Development techniques addressed for the Individual will be based upon the principles of “The CUP Course” and from the book “Think and Grow Rich”. Both of these resources address the Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial aspects of the Individual.

If we utilize the formula for Success concept, then more Success then becomes a simple 2 Step Process.  This process may not be easy for us to accept at first, but the outcome can be very predictable!

Therefore this site will address development techniques for both the Individual and the Vehicle(s) we choose for our Success Journey!

We invite you to get started now by:

1.  Adding a Perfect Vehicle if you don’t already have one!

2.  Achieving more Individual Personal Development via (1.)  Ten-Forty Talks webinar series,   (2) “The Claim Your Unlimited Potential” course and/or (3.)  Private Coaching.

Most Courses and Webinars are more effective with Private Coaching for both Personal and Business development.