This page is about how to achieve Success by Claiming Our Unlimited Potential through our own Personal Development.

Napoleon Hill has been one of the most famous messengers of this concept. He first published the “Law of Success” and later “Think and Grow Rich” in the early 1900s. The latter has probably been credited with creating more millionaires that any other book in history.

In her book, “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne also talks about the secret of Success which has been known for ages by past achievers of our society!

The message is always the SAME and is very simple – CONCEIVE – BELIEVE – RECEIVE.

The premise is that: If we THINK the Thought and also BELIEVE the Thought to a sufficient extent, then through the Law of Attraction the Universe will provide and we will RECEIVE that which we are Thinking about!

A simple and sensible concept! It should make as much sense to us as it has for those who have used the concept for ages to achieve their desired level of Success. There is, however, a factor involved which increases the difficulty for most of us.

Thinking of who we want to be or what we want to achieve is usually fairly simple. However, LEARNING or KNOWING how to create or possess a level of BELIEF sufficient for the process to work in another matter!

“The Secret” and many other books talk about different processes (i.e. Visualization) available to use for generating that level of Belief, because in order to possess that sufficient level of Belief we must transfer our “Conscious” thoughts and desires into our “Subconscious” being.

This is where “The CUP Course” fits into the equation because the processes of Auto-Suggestion and Self-Hypnosis combined with the proper structure, coaching support and reinforcement offer the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT method available for that level of BELIEF to occur!

Let’s review the first 2 Steps of the “Secret”. If we learn how to do the first two, the third will occur.

Step 1 – CONCEIVE – Thought is Creative!

Earl Nightingale talked about it in his million-dollar seller “The Strangest Secret in the World”.

Napoleon Hill talked about it in his classic “Think and Grow Rich”.

James Allen, in his short-but-powerful essay, “As a Man Thinketh”, discussed the same thing.

“As a man (person) thinketh in his heart, so is he (are they).”

Now, this simply means that behind everything that happens or appears in our lives, there is a corresponding thought in our minds. In other words, the “facts” are a direct result of our thoughts and choices: not, as it may seem that the thoughts are simply conclusions or observations of what we see.

Step 2 – BELIEVE – Necessary to transfer your Thoughts to your Subconscious!

If we think that we rely upon our conscious mind each day to propel us to change and great heights, then we are mistaken! The only way to change our lives and rise above the crowd is to internalize our new goals and dreams of Success. That is to put them into our subconscious mind by replacing the old habits and then letting our subconscious take over and help rather than hurt the process.

We will then be inspired to do and say the right things on a daily basis without having to always be consciously struggling.

Again, this is a simple process but not an easy task, because those old habits and beliefs (who you are today) will not be replaced in your subconscious without a fight.

Step 3 – RECEIVE – Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

The Cup Course can and will reprogram the thoughts, habits and beliefs which currently exist in your Subconscious and make a positive difference in your life if you so desire!

This course is uniquely designed to provide the most direct route possible to achieving your ambitions and desires in the Personal and Business areas of your life. You will begin to feel and experience change with the first chapter. Improvements and accomplishments in your life will become more apparent with each successive chapter.

Upon completion of this course, you will be a new, more successful person – happier, wiser, more confident and self-assured!

The course is offered by George Sims in collaboration with Potentials Unlimited and is a 12 chapter/month course including topics:

Chapter 1 – Money and Prosperity

Chapter 2 – Fear of Success

Chapter 3 – Goal Setting

Chapter 4 – Problem Solving

Chapter 5 – How to Make a Decision

Chapter 6 – Fear of Failure

Chapter 7 – Will Power

Chapter 8 – Creative Thinking

Chapter 9 – Subconscious Sales Power

Chapter 10 – Develop Enthusiasm

Chapter 11 – Self-Confidence

Chapter 12 – Money-Compensation

Each Chapter consists of 4 parts:

The Parts and How they work

The audio portion includes an audit self-hypnosis component which is designed to be used primarily at your regular bed time.

The self-hypnosis component begins with a series of suggestions which bring you to a pleasant state of relaxation which bring you to a natural sleep if played at your regular bed time.

The PDF Workbook part is to be completed each day with about ten to fifteen minutes of your time. It will reinforce the audit and server as your roadmap to success. The PDFs will help you plan your life and finances, focus on your goals, and be much happier daily. Using these daily play sheets will also help you stay on track with the programs and focus on where you are and where you want to be.

The Private Coaching and Mentoring sessions will be arranged as requested by the member at the convenience of both parties.