I have been working with George for over a year now and he is a great leader. He has helped many, many people achieve their goals. Not only does he know what he is talking about, but he practices what he preaches. I know I am not only better at running my business, but am also a better person thanks to George.
Simone Mancuso
Master Your Mindset, Magnify Your Life. Coaching People on How to Achieve Goals They Never Believed Possible.
I have had the opportunity to get to know George both professionally and personally and can honestly say that you cannot ask for a more caring and genuine person. It was early on in my career when I had the chance to work with George and take his advice. To this day I carry with me the importance of having balance in life and what that exactly means. It was George who got me to understand this and I will never forget it. He is certainly one of those that can make an impact in your life if you allow him to.
C.J. Robinson
Wealth Management Advisor at TIAA-CREF
George is a very sharp guy who I have a tremendous amount of respect for. I am in the process of beginning to use his service for my business. He is involved with a very unique business offering which I feel has the potential to increase my business two to three times what it is currently. I would recommend him to anyone that would like to see their business grow!
Mike Smith
Financial Advisor at Waddell & Reed
I’ve known George for 25 years and during this time I have worked both for and with him in the insurance industry. He has great managerial, organizational and marketing mentoring skills.
Jim Russo
President at PlanChoice
Working with George has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of my business. Through his guidance and training on business development, sales, and much more our business has more than doubled and he continues to help us develop strategies to grow even more. Anytime I have a question or need advice about anything related to business, I turn to George. He’s always there to do whatever he can to help me or my team work through it. If you have an opportunity to work with George, I would highly recommend you do. You will not be disappointed.
Dan Skaggs
Owner, One Thing Marketing
George uses practical applications to help sales people understand and perfect his 5-Step Activity Control Model. He is the best sales teacher that I have ever met and his training shows us how to make our businesses grow in an easy to understand manner.
Kevin Elliott
Go2Guy & Financial Advisor for Individuals & Small Business Owners
George is the type of person that you want to work with or for. While tending to business he possesses an easy going style that makes for better productivity. George has natural mentoring and leadership skills and is a tremendous asset to any individual or organization.
Patrick Galla
President at En-roller Resource Center LLC
I have known and worked with George Sims for several years. I consider George a mentor as he has truly changed my life. His insight into how to work effectively with people, how to succeed in life and how to enjoy every moment along the way has been invaluable to me. Those who take the opportunity to work with George will not regret it!
Dennis Riggs
Dennis J. Riggs, PLLC
George is one of the best people I know. He is kind, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. As my mentor, he offers valuable insights and guidance every interaction we have. If you have the opportunity to work with George, you have been blessed, because he is a blessing to me every day.
Sallie Clark
On Line Ordering Business Growth Specialist
I considered it a privilege to work for George when he was Agency Director for one of the ICH companies. We started at the same time and became Managers at the same time. When the former Agency Director resigned, the company President called George and me to his office and asked “What shall we do about a new Agency Director?” Without hesitation, I said “Give it to George” because I knew that he was much more qualified for upper level management. Thanks for allowing me to put in a good word for one of my best friends.
Clint Gill
Owner - Author at Clintsbooks