Any form of Auto-Suggestion is absolutely the fastest and easiest means to implement Personal Development.

Self-Hypnosis, as utilized in the C.U.P. course, is an advanced and accelerated form of Auto-Suggestion.

Self-Hypnosis is Auto-Suggestion on Steroids!

Therefore, assuming we have the perfect Vehicle, the extent of our Business and Financial success will eventually depend upon the extent of our Personal Development! And our Personal Development can be accelerated by utilizing the C.U.P. course.

When we accelerate our Personal Development, our business and financial progress will follow!

My introduction to the C.U.P. course around 1982 was a life changing event for me and as it has been for countless others since. After starting the course myself, at about the 4 month mark, I introduced the course to my 20+ management team. Within a few months our production had almost doubled and several of the participants were embarking upon personal development and business endeavors that they had only paid lip service to before.

Over the years, I’ve seen this same impact repeated over and over by lots of different people.