Over thirty five years ago, I experienced success generating my first Residual Income stream and learned of its true value and significance.

Utilizing a proven Formula for Success, our teams have been helping people build Residual Income streams ever since both in the Traditional and Home-Based business industries.

The first thing I want you to know about me is that I am not a “Certified or Accredited” Life, Health or Business Coach. Since I believe strongly in education of any type, I have nothing against the accreditation process and certainly respect those who are, but only if they have real practical experience along with their education to be of real value to their clients.

Instead, I am “Life Certified” in the process of helping people achieve their Personal and Business goals.

The second thing I would like for you to know about me is that a vital part of my personal chief aim in life is:

“To spend the majority of my time helping others achieve their life’s goals and dreams in the process of achieving my own.”

My Education:

University of Louisville – Graduate School of Business – MBA – 95% Completion
University of Louisville- Speed Scientific School – B.S. Degree Engineering Management
Sullivan University- Computer Programming and Accounting – 2 years
Eastern Kentucky University- Math – 1 year

My education also includes countless miscellaneous courses, seminars, webinars, etc. concerning sales psychology, human behavior, traditional business marketing, franchising, network/affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and business management.

And of course the best education of all, the specific knowledge learned from 3 great mentors and 35+ years’ experience of mentoring and teaching Personal and Business Developments techniques during the process of building sales forces in traditional businesses, franchises, and the Network/affiliate marketing world!

My Business Background

Although varied, the majority of my business experience has involved working with people in the areas of Personal and Business Development techniques.

  • From Here To Success – “This group is for those people age 18 and older, who desire to achieve Health and Happiness along with Financial Success in the process of helping others do the same!”
  • Recruiting & Training Manager at Waddell & Reed, Inc – a mutual fund and financial advisement company. Was responsible for recruiting and training Financial Advisors specifically in the areas concerned with the building of their practices.
  • Marketing Management at Ultra, Inc. – was responsible for designing an automated contact information marketing system. Was also responsible for training insurance agents in sales techniques utilizing the system to market life insurance products to customers of several national banks.
  • President and Owner at Besco, Inc. – represented several different insurance companies and was responsible for contracting independent agents to market their life, health, and disability products.
  • Franchise Owner & Marketing Executive at NCN, Inc. – purchased four state franchise to market discounted long distance phone service.
  • Agency Director at Western Pioneer Life – Was responsible for creating and managing sales force of approximately 350 agents and 20 field managers which marketed insurance and mutual fund products.
  • Lifetime miscellaneous projects – include the design and development of a subdivision, the ownership of a fast food restaurant and various consulting activities related to the personal development, sales psychology, the building and development of sales organizations and small and/or home based businesses.

Wishing you the best of Health, Happiness and Success,

George Sims
(502) 509-5673